Once Human Best Deviants Tier List – All Locations & Abilities

Some of them actually look pretty cool and cute in action!

Tier List Ranking All The Deviants in Once Human

Source: Starry Studio via Gamepur

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Once Human is a fun post-apocalyptic survival game that pits players against giant monsters and other players waiting to get the drop on them. However, you don’t have to be a lone wolf throughout this journey as Once Human features Deviants that increase your odds at survival as well as assist you in combat. You’ll find several of them in the game. This is why, I’ll be ranking them in this Once Human Deviants tier list to help you discover the best ones.

Tier List Ranking The Best Deviants in Once Human

Once Human Deviants Tier List made by TierMaker Tool
Source: Gamepur
SMr Wish, Butterfly’s Emissary, H37, Chefosaurus, Mr. Teddy, Masonic Pyramid
AFrog The Leaper, Electric Eel, Space Turner, Pyro Dino, Canine Skull, Festering Slime, By-the-Wind, Nutcracker, Buzzy Bee
BAtomic Lighter, Pup Buddy, Disco Ball, Logging Beaver, Enchanting Void, Digby Boy, Hug-in-a-bowl, Polar Jelly
CHarveseed, Dreamcatcher, Grumpy Bulb, Fetch-A-Lot-Bunny
DGingerbread House, Rebecca, Wish Machine

The Locations & Abilities of the Best Deviants

Now that you know which Deviants in Once Human are the best after seen our rankings in the tier list, here’s a complete list of all the Deviants we’ve come across. We’ve also specified their locations, and how exactly they’ll benefit your character.

Devianthow to getAbility
Butterfly’s EmissaryObtained during tutorial in Dayton Wetlands
Chance to get after finishing Securement Silo – Alpha in Chalk Peak.
Auto attacks enemies and inflicts status damage on the target increasing damage to weak points.
H37Completing the H37 side quest in Iron River
Can also be obtained after completing Securement Silo – PSI in Red Sands.
Helps gather rare materials.
Mr WishChance to get after finishing Securement Silo – Sigma in Broken Delta.Assist players in combat and output high damage.
Chefosaurus RexChance to obtain in Securement Silo – Phi in Iron River.Enhances food production with buffs, improves longevity, sanity gain, and health gain through its snacks.
Frog the LeaperChance to spawn on lily pads over Iron River
Chance to spawn near Lilly Pad Puzzle in Broken Delta.
Causes damage to enemies by jumping. Also increases the player’s jump height.
Atomic LighterChance to drop after finishing Securement Silo – EX1 in Chalk Peak (PvP).Creates an item called Fusion Lighter that causes 115 + 650 PSI intensity blast damage.
Pyro DinoChance to spawn inside Securement Silo – PHI in Iron Rivers (PvP).Deals AOE damage and inflicts burns to enemy players in PvP.
Festering Slime/GelDefeating the first boss Ravenous Hunter in Monolith of Greed in Dayton Wetlands.Creates defensive walls and heals players
Pup BuddyCan drop from Morphic Crates found in Nalcott specifically in Red Sands (PvP).Throw this gadget in your bag to reduce weight and carry more load.
Disco BallObtainable in the open by Greywater Town.Increases the duration of Whims and consumables.
Electric EelCan be acquired through fishing near Broken Delta.Gives electricity boost to generators. It’s also stackable.
HarveseedObtained after defeating Treant boss in Gaia Cliff Monolith near Broken Delta.Gives you a shield portion.
Canine SkullObtained after defeating fourth boss Rabizex in the Monolith of Thirst near Chalk Peak.Summons spectral dogs that attack nearby enemies.
RebeccaChance to drop after completion of LEA Research Lab in Red Sands.Plays music on the piano and increases the player’s recovery rate and sanity.
DreamcatcherObtained after taking down Arachsiam boss in Mirage Monolith near Iron River.Gives you a web portion that slows down enemies with cobwebs when your player rolls
Logging BeaverChance to spawn at the shore of Iron River
Can also spawn at the end of the dock at Broken Delta.
Will collect wood for you.
Buzzy BeeCan drop from Morphic creates found in the world, especially near Dayton Wetlands.Buffs farming mutations
By-The-WindCan be obtained after completing Prime War.Increases movement speed and levitates your player.
Gingerbread HouseRight outside Greywater camp in Red Sands.Helps you disguise yourself as furniture.
Digby BoyChance to obtain from mining ore, especially Silver. Check the Broken Delta region.Speeds up resource farming and building process.
Hug-in-a-bowlWest of the Hearst Industries underneath the upper bridge.Allows you to create noodles that restore 100% sanity.
Space TurnerCompleting a door puzzle southeast of Throughville town in Dayton Wetlands.Helps craft Space Twister that can summon teammates to your location.
Polar JellyCan be obtained after finishing Securement Silo – EX1 and defeating the Final Siren boss near Chalk Peak.Inflicts frost damage to enemies.
Enchanting VoidCan drop after completing Securement Silo – Theta in the Statue Room, completing the puzzle and defeating the secondary boss. Boosts melee damage and increases movement speed.
Dr. TeddySimilar spawn to Enchanting Void. (PvP)Gives health regen and revives the player when down.
NutcrackerCan be obtained after defeating Mensdevoran in the Forsaken Monolith near Red Sands.Summons big Nutcracker status that does damage against nearby enemies.
Masonic PyramidCan be obtained by completing Territory Wars (PvP).Gives you an invisibility/warning portion that makes you invisible or tells you when cloaked enemies are nearby in PvP battles.
Grumpy BulbObtained after harvesting a Deviated onion you planted. You can acquire its seeds from Tall Grass Inn. Mostly found near Chalk Peak.Confuses enemies and they’ll start attacking each other. Also inflicts status damage over time.
Fetch-A-Lot-BunnyChopping down massive trees near cliffs in the Red Sands area.Specializes in Harvesting Shrubs
Wish MachineCan be found at Greywater Camp.Furniture Item
Lava FoxCan spawn in wooded areas near Chalk Peak, Broken Delta, and Dayton Wetlands.Haven’t used it yet.

What are the Best Deviants in Once Human?

So these were all the Once Human Deviants in our tier list ranked according to how great of companions they’ll be to you. Our rankings are purely based on personal experience and opinion and may differ from your experience. However, we have some favorites like Masonic Pyramid, Space Turner, Dr. Teddy, By-The-Wind, Canine Skull, and Pyro Dino.

If we take cuteness and other utilities into factor, Deviants like Buzzy Bee, Logging Beaver, and Chefosaurus Rex top the list. One of the most unique Deviant I’ve seen is the gingerbread house which basically turns Once Human into a game of Prop Hunt. However, its use case is quite limited which is why it’s ranked at the bottom tier.

But these are our brief thoughts on the Deviants in Once Human. If we come across more then we’ll make sure to add them to our Once Human Deviants tier list. Until then, we recommend checking out our best settings guide for Once Human to boost in-game performance. You can also connect to Once Human Discord and stay up-to-date on all the news regarding the game.