How to catch Red Snapper in Stardew Valley

A bright red fish to sell on the market.

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The Red Snapper in Stardew Valley is a worthwhile fish to try catching. You can find it in a handful of locations, though hooking it can be difficult. You want to make sure you properly prepare your day to find it. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to catch a Red Snapper in Stardew Valley.

Where to find a Red Snapper

When searching for Red Snapper, you want to look for it during the summer or fall. It does have a chance to appear in winter, but only if you have a rain totem. Because of that requirement, summer and fall are the better months to seek it out. However, you will need to wait until a rainy does happen. We recommend checking the weather forecast on your television every day until you receive a heavy showers forecast.

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When it starts raining in the summer or fall, it’s time to grab your fishing gear and take it to the beach. First, you will need to make your way over to the southeast part of the map to the docks, where you can find Willy’s fishing shop. Once you reach this location, all you have to do is throw your line out and wait for a bite to happen. Eventually, you should catch a Red Snapper with your pole. You will have from 6 AM to 7 PM to catch this fish before it is no longer available, and you will need to return the next time it’s raining.

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Red Snapper is one of the requirements of the Ocean Fish bundle in the Community Center. You will also need to catch Tilapia, Sardines, and Tuna to complete the rest of the collection.