All fish locations in Stardew Valley

Know exactly where to go when attempting to capture any fish in Stardew Valley

Image via ConcernedApe

Fish are a great resource to utilize in Stardew Valley. You can capture them to place into fish ponds, provide them as gifts to residents of the town, or sell them directly to the market for a good profit. There are a variety of different fish available in the game, and you can find them in different parts of the map, and at specific times of the year.

The times and locations are not apparent in the game. You need to discover this on your own by monitoring their behavior, or by learning them from a large list. We have all of that information detailed out for you, making it easy to know where you need to go and when you need to be there to capture all of them.

Fish locations and times

AlbacoreOceanFall 6am to 11am
Winter 6pm to 2am
BlobfishSubmarine rideNight Market
BreamRiver (town and forest)All year
BullheadMountain lakeAll year
CarpMountain lake
Secret Woods
All year
CatfishRiver (town and forest)
Secret Woods
Witch’s Swamp
All year, 6am to 12am
ChubRiver (forest)
Mountain lake
All year
Clam Ocean Crab pot
CockleOceanCrab pot
CrabOceanCrab pot
CrayfishFresh waterCrab pot
DoradoRiver (forest)Summer 6am to 7pm
EelOceanSpring, Fall 4pm to 2am
FlounderOceanSpring, Summer 4pm to 2am
GhostfishMines (levels 20 and 60)
Ghost drops
All year
HalibutOceanSpring, Summer, Winter
6am to 11am, 7pm to 2am
HerringOceanSpring and Winter
Ice PipMines (levels 60)All year (must be level five fishing)
Largemouth BassMountain lakeAll year
Lava EelMine (level 100)All year (must be level seven fishing)
LingcodRiver (town and forest)
Mountain lake
LobsterOceanCrab pot
Midnight Carp Mountain lake
Cindersap forest pond
Fall, Winter 10pm to 2am
Midnight SquidSubmarine rideNight Market
MusselOceanCrab pot
OctopusOceanSummer 6am to 1pm
OysterOceanCrab pot
PerchRiver (town and forest)
Forest pond
Mountain lake
PeriwinkleFresh waterCrab pot
PikeRiver (town and forest)
Forest pond
Summer, Winter
PufferfishOceanSummer 12pm to 4pm
Rainbow TroutRiver (town and forest)
Mountain lake
Summer 6am to 7pm
Red MulletOceanSummer, Winter 6am to 7pm
Red SnapperOceanSummer, Fall, Winter (using rain totem)
6am to 7pm
SalmonRiver (town and forest)Fall 6am to 7pm
Sand FishThe desertAll year 6am to 8pm
SardineOceanSpring, Fall, Winter 6am to 7pm
Scorpion CarpThe desertAll year (must be level four fishing)
6am to 8pm
Sea CucumberOceanFall, Winter 6am to 7pm
ShadRiver (town and forest)Spring, Summer, Fall
9am to 2pm
ShrimpOceanCrab pot
SlimejackMutant Bug LairAll year
Smallmouth BassRiver (town)
Forest pond
All year
SnailFreshwaterCrab pot
Spook FishSubmarine RideNight Market
SquidOceanWinter 6pm to 2am
StonefishMines (level 20)All year (must be fishing level three)
SturgeonMountain lakeSummer, Winter 6am to 7pm
SunfishRiver (town and forest)Spring, Summer 6am to 7pm
Super cucumberOceanSummer, Fall 6pm to 2am
Tiger TroutRiver (town and forest)Fall, Winter 6am to 7pm
TilapiaOceanSummer, Fall 6am to 2pm
TunaOceanSummer, Fall 6am to 7pm
Void SalmonWitch’s SwampAll year
WalleyeRiver (town and forest)
Forest pond
Mountain lake
Fall, Winter (with rain totem)
12pm to 2am
WoodskipSecret woods
Forest farm
All year

Legendary Fish

These are the most difficult and illusive fish in the game. You can only catch legendary fish once per save file, so after you capture one of these five you cannot catch them again.

AnglerNorth of JojamartFall (must be fishing level three)
CrimsonfishOn the beach, east pierSummer (must be fishing level five)
GlacierfishCindersap Forest, south endWinter (must be fishing level six)
LegendMountain Lake, near the logSpring (must be fishing level 10)
Mutant CarpThe SewersAll year