Where to catch sturgeon in Stardew Valley

The best location to catch the illusive fish

Catching fish is a great pass time activity in Stardew Valley. If you visit the correct locations, use a high-quality rod, and have some bait, it’s a great way to make some good money and capture rare fish in the game. An ideal option you want to go out of your way to locate is sturgeon. It’s a difficult fish to find, with a variety of uses that come with catching it.

You can only capture a sturgeon during the summer and winter time. Other than that, you will be unable to locate it in the waters. At the same time, you can only catch a sturgeon when fishing near the mountain lake. You want to go north of the town, and fish near the mine. You have several locations available to you, but make sure you’re alongside the shore or in the middle of the lake, on one of the two small islands at the center of the lake.

When you capture a sturgeon, you have a variety of options to sell or use it. Primarily, you can sell it for 200g up to 600g, at the highest quality as an angler. That’s the most straightforward way to benefit from it. You can also choose to create a fish pond, and if you fulfill the pond’s requirements to breed the sturgeon, they multiply and produce sturgeon roe. It’s the only roe that, when placed in a preserves jar, becomes caviar, a high-quality product you can sell on the market for a hefty amount. Alternatively, you can gift it to Willy, who loves it.

Sturgeon is a great fish to capture, and it’s always sought after if you can catch it.