How to catch Zarude in Pokémon Go

A mythical Pokémon for all players.

Image via Niantic

For a limited time, Pokémon Go players will have a brief opportunity to capture the mythical Pokémon, Zarude. This Pokémon will be making its Pokémon Go appearance for the Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle event, which happens on October 1, with the movie officially releasing on Netflix on October 8. When the event arrives, how can you go about catching Zarude and adding it to your collection?

Zarude will be available to all players when October 1 rolls around. However, rather than beating and capturing it by fighting it at any of the gym raids, Zarude will be a reward for the Secrets of the Jungle Special Research quest that releases on October 1 at 10 AM in your local time zone called Search for Zarude!

When the event drops, all players will receive the Secret of the Jungle Special Quest, and you can find it in your Today View tab to view the tasks you’ll need to complete to work your way through the quest. You want to make sure you log onto your Pokémon Go account to acquire the Special Research task, but you do not have to finish it before the Secret of the Jungle event ends, which is October 10. The Special Research quest will still be available after the 10, but you need to make sure you grab the quest to complete it, so jump into Pokémon Go from October 1 to 10 to receive it.

With Zarude being one of the rewards, it will be like other Pokémon encounters where it cannot escape and is a guaranteed capture.