How to change AI difficulty in F1 2020

Challenge yourself.

F1 2020

Screengrab via Codemasters

Open-wheel racing is a tough sport to crack as anyone who has raced in a go-kart can attest to. Just like in real life, keeping within the confines of the tarmac and on a sensible racing line is just as challenging in F1 2020, and that’s before having to think about the other drivers in the race. Thankfully, you can make the opposition drivers as good as you want with the ability to change the AI difficulty mid-season.

However, it’s not obvious exactly where to go to make adjustments to the difficulty. The game settings in the menu will allow you to do it, but this is not practical if you want to keep adjusting the difficulty mid-season to maintain a good balance.

To adjust the settings on the fly, the easiest place to do this is in the loading screen menu options. Once you are about to start a race weekend, the loading screen will allow you to open the options. Here, you will see a gauge for the AI level, from level 1 to 110. From here, you can set the skill level of the other AI drivers in the race, ranging from Easy to Ultimate levels of difficulty.

F1 2020 AI Skill level

The game will start on 20, which is classed as an easy AI skill level, and will typically mean that the AI will not try to contest overtakes. As you get progressively higher in difficulty, drivers will take tighter lines, be smarter with DRS and ERS, and minimize the space with which you have to overtake. On My Team, your car is unlikely to be powerful enough to catch up to the biggest manufacturers cars, such as Mercedes and Ferrari, but the difficulty will make a difference early on in My Team with other constructors, so it’s worth experimenting to find the best balance for a challenge