How to customize your driver in F1 2020

Customizing your driver is simple and easy.

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In F1 2020, gamers can create their own driver and suit up and face other Formula 1 racers from around the world. But how can you customize your driver? Let’s walk you through the process.

When booting up the game for the first time, the prompts will walk you through the process of customizing your driver. Gamers can choose from a variety of avatars, as well as name it and add some other miscellaneous information (i.e. origin, driver number, play-by-play call name, etc.) If you want to modify what your driver looks like later on, from the main menu, head to the ‘Customisation’ section of the homepage. Once you’re there, click on the ‘Characters’ tab. In addition, you can also customize your character when you build your own brand in the ‘My Team’ mode.

Once you click on one of the two options above, you can either customize your current character or create a new one. To customize your current character, press X (for Xbox One/PC). There are numerous parts of your character that can be customized. Helmets, gloves, suits, and even emotes are all parts of your driver’s profile that can be edited and changed. However, you are limited to the customization options in the game. 

While you can change certain features of items in the games (i.e. color), other pieces of your driver’s profile, including the avatar, only have pre-set options available. So if you were looking to give your driver a beard or a certain eye color, you are unfortunately unable to.