How to change Alex’s clothes in Life is Strange: True Colors

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Screenshot by Gamepur

The Life is Strange games do not normally give you a customizable experience, which makes sense. While you can make choices that will dictate the story’s direction, that story is meant to be about the characters, not you playing through them. For the first time in the series, you can choose what clothes your protagonist will wear. Here is how to change Alex’s clothes in Life is Strange: True Colors.

To change Alex’s clothes in Life is Strange: True Colors, all you need to do is go to her dresser in her apartment and interact with it. When you do this, she will stand in the center of the screen, and a selection of outfits for you to scroll through will appear. You cannot change individual parts of the outfit. Additionally, you cannot choose an outfit to wear throughout the entire game, however, and you can only access it during scenes that take place in Alex’s apartment. Every chapter will have a different selection for you to choose from.

Obviously, this is a really small quality of life change to implement in the Life is Strange games, but it helps get you a little closer to the character you’re playing. While the selection changes in every chapter, there is a noticeable difference of colors and themes available while still maintaining a wardrobe that Alex would likely pick out for herself.