How to change difficulty in Riders Republic

Take on tougher opponents.


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Riders Republic is an interesting game when it comes to difficulty. It has various levels of challenge for you to take on, but each one pits you against the times and ghosts of other players in the game. In this guide, we’ll explain how to change difficult in Riders Republic, outline why it’s a good idea to mix things up now and then.

How to change difficulty

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The easiest way to change difficulty in Riders Republic is by using the slider you can see at the start of every event. When you first start an event, you’ll need to select Solo or Versus mode. After that, you’ll choose your ride, and then you’ll be taken to the final pre-race screen. On this screen, you can change the difficulty using the slider just below the start banner. You can also change it using the same slider in the Options Menu.

There are four levels of difficulty in Riders Republic: StandardProExpert, and Elite. As you’d expect, Standard is the easiest difficulty, while Elite is the toughest. These difficulty settings only affect the opponents you face in an event, meaning the event itself is still the same across each difficulty, but the other players in the race will be faster, more accurate, and probably better than you. This is how you give yourself more of a challenge in the game. 

You should try out the higher difficulty levels in Riders Republic to earn more Stars from optional objectives in some events. You’ll also gain more XP from every event if you play them on a higher difficulty level, advancing your careers much faster. The only events you can’t change the difficult for are Mass Events, which are always difficult because you’re facing off against 63 other players.