How to change guild leader in Lost Ark

Not everyone can afford to make Lost Ark a second job.

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The duties of a guild leader in Lost Ark are plentiful. Beyond simply founding and organizing the guild itself, leaders bear the responsibility of delegating guild-wide tasks, directing the guild’s research efforts, and promoting members to ranks and positions from within.

With these repeatable tasks left solely to the leader, it is in the guild’s best interest to be led by someone who plays the game actively and logs in often. However, real world responsibilities take priority over those within an MMO, often restricting how often a leader can play. In the event of a guild leader’s absence, they can benefit from shifting their responsibilities by handing over leadership status to a second-in-command.

Changing guild leaders: Under new management

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In the Guild menu, located under the Community category at the bottom right of the user interface or from the keyboard shortcut Alt + U, the guild leader can access the “manage” tab at the top right. This tab is most likely hidden by default, but can be found by clicking the right arrow next to the row of tabs.

Under “manage,” at the bottom right of the Guild menu, sits the Change Leader button. Clicking this button will prompt the leader with the chance to grant leadership abilities to their appointed deputy, as long as they have selected a guild member to serve as deputy.

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