How to change My Ballplayer’s position in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 22

Versatility is vital.

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Being a versatile baseball player in the MLB is a valuable tool many teams look for. Should an injury happen or someone be underperforming, it is great to have another option to fall back on and not worry about that area becoming a weak point in your lineup. In some cases, moving your created player in MLB The Show 22 can generate more playing opportunities for you. Here is how to change your My Ballplayer’s position in Road to the Show.

After you have created your My Ballplayer and started Road to the Show, you will be stuck with the position that you chose for them during the creation process, at least for a little bit. After a while, you will have conversations with your agent or the manager. These conversations will range from promotions to asking for trades.

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On the manager’s side, if there is a glaring need on the roster that they feel your skills can address or a superstar is blocking you from making it to the big leagues, they will ask if you want to change to that position. For example, if your skills are not cutting it in left field, they may ask you to go to first base. Whether or not you take them up on the offer is your choice, but if you turn them down, there is a chance they will trade you. Occasionally, the manager will also ask you to try a new spot just to see how you fare there.

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When your agent calls you, they will ask to see how happy you are in the organization. This is the area where you can ask for a trade or a promotion, but sometimes you will also be able to say your position is not working out for you. Remember that you have no leverage to make demands with the organization early in your career, so it might take some years of success before they willingly move you around to a new spot.