How to change the height of a CAW in WWE 2K22

Why is it so darn hidden?

Screenshot by Gamepur

WWE 2K22 allows you to create your own wrestler, but editing their height is quite hard to do. Here’s how to change the height of a CAW in WWE 2K22, brother.

Editing your height is strangely cryptic. First, go to the “Create Your Superstar” screen and select “Body.” Next, pick “Body Type.”

From this menu, you can select the different weight options. You can move from thin all the way to heavy by pressing the L1 and R1 buttons (LB and RB on Xbox). However, if you look at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a small option called “Height.” Press the square button (or X on Xbox) to initiate the switch between weight to height.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On the right side, you’ll see a bar highlighted in yellow. You can now move that up or down and pick what height you’d like on your CAW. The smallest you can go is 5’5 and the tallest is a massive 7’4. Increasing your height will also bump up your weight. The biggest we could get was 580 lbs at 7’4. If you’re looking to be the next Big Show or Andre the Giant in WWE 2K22, you can certainly do that.

Once you’ve created your perfect wrestler, you can upload it for the WWE universe to check out.

Hopefully, in a future update, 2K can make it clearer how to change the height of your CAW in WWE 2K22. Unfortunately, if you’re in the MyRise mode, you can’t adjust your wrestler’s height after the fact.