How to change the number of rounds in Undisputed

Don’t want to go the full length?

Image via Steel City Interactive

Steel City Interactive’s Undisputed is now out on the PC platform via early access. The simulation boxing game is the first to drop in well over a decade, and it includes a number of active and former boxers that have made significant impacts in the sport. Users will be able to suit up and head into the ring, and players will have the option to change the lengths of offline fights. So, how can you create a shorter or longer fight in Undisputed? Let’s take a look.

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Modifying the number of rounds

The method for changing the number of rounds in a fight is rather simple, and can be done in the same part of the menus as changing the difficulty of fights.

To change the number of rounds, first begin a fight. Select two boxers, and then choose the venue for the fight. Once that is done, users will then be prompted to tweak the rules for the event.

In the ‘Rules’ portion of the menu is a setting that affects the amount of rounds in a fight. Appropriately, this is the ‘Rounds’ setting.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Undisputed players can choose from fights that are three, four, six, eight, 10, 12, or 15 rounds. Pick whichever one you would like to be the length of the fight. And remember, this must be done before beginning a fight. There is no default setting in the Settings menu that will allow you to automatically set lengths for a match.