How to change your name in Fall Guys

Make a name for yourself.

Fall Guys

Image via Devolver Digital

You may have noticed that during the initial launch for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, some players were able to alter their names to make them more offensive than others. It’s a common trope to see in almost any online gaming chatroom, and something that many developers and moderators have trouble dealing with. Mediatonic, the developers behind Fall Guys, have disabled the custom names option to prevent players from making use of these inappropriate names. This was a notorious problem for Steam players. The feature will be returning once the development team can set something up to make it more friendly for anyone who plays, but it’s been replaced by a generic naming system to not cause trouble for anyone.

Right now, the generic name features a random word or phrase followed by four numbers. It’s an easy enough way to keep it, so players do not show off any mischief as they attempt to make it to the number one spot in Fall Guys, but keeps it diverse for players to identify who they are while they clash in the game-show battle royale.

When the feature does return, Steam players will be able to alter their username through the Steam application. To change it for Fall Guys, go to the top-right dropdown menu of your UI and click the ‘View My Profile’ option. This will take you to your profile screen, and on the right side, you should see an ‘Edit Profile’ option. It does modify your profile’s username, so it will change moving forward, but it should carry over to any of the Fall Guys games you participate in.