How to change your name in Minecraft

Search for that new Minecraft alias.

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Changing your username in Minecraft isn’t as evident as it could be. There is no option for changing it in-game or on the official website, which is surprising. To change it, you’ll have to head on over to the official Mojang website. This guide will walk you through the handful of steps once you arrive there.

Once you open up the Mojang website, select the Account tab on the top-right menu bar. Then, you’ll land on a page that requests you to Register an Account. As long as you own a copy of Minecraft, then you’ve already registered one. Select the Log In tab at the top right of the webpage and log in with your E-mail and Password.

Once you’re logged on, changing your username is simple. Navigate to the My Games section and locate the Minecraft: Java Edition (or Bedrock Edition) row. Look to the right, under Profile Name, and a Change link is displayed right next to your current username. Click on that, and change your name.

Keep in mind that your newly desired profile name will need to be unique, in other words, not currently being used by another Minecraft player. After the decision is made, enter your password and smash the Change name button — It’s as simple as that. Be mindful, though, that usernames can only be changed once every 30 days, so be sure to pick the one you’re happy with.