How to change your Ultimate Team club name in FIFA 21

New name, new you.

FIFA 21 Cruyff Stadium

Image via EA

When first starting your club back in FIFA games of old for Ultimate Team, the name is one of the first considerations you must make. How you’ll be presented to opposition players is something of great pride for many players, which is why the amount of customization for player clubs is so expansive, including the new addition of stadiums this year.

However, tastes can change very quickly, and you may come into FIFA 21 Ultimate Team wondering what the hell you were thinking with your team name, or you would simply like to freshen up your club. Either way, it’s not immediately obvious where to do this when you load up the game. 

If you skip the initial objectives designed to introduce you to the mode, then it will be even less clear as to where to go to do this.

In order to change the name of your club, you will need to navigate to the objectives tab where you will find many of the seasonal objectives that will offer rewards for your team, including the season information that works similarly to battle passes of other games. 

From here, head to Foundations. Many of the objectives here are to get you started, and one is to change the club name. If you press through on the objective, it should take you to the screen to allow you to change the club name. You’ll even get 150 coins for your trouble.

This can’t be done outside of this menu, and can only be done once, so make sure that you are sure of your club name before going ahead with it.