How to change your username in Minecraft

Sometimes you want something new.

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Minecraft is a game all about taking the experience and tailoring it to your wants and needs. Whether you are building a structure or changing the skin on your avatar, whatever you are doing is because you want to pursue it. The same is true with your username in the game. Anyone looking to change up their name in Minecraft can easily do so. Let’s take a look at how to update your username in Minecraft.

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How to change your username in Minecraft: Java Edition

To change your username in the Java Edition of Minecraft, first, start up the Minecraft Launcher app. In the top left corner of the window, click on your name, and a menu will drop down. Select Manage Minecraft: Java Edition Profile. This will open up a new window in your browser to the official Mojang website. Sign in with your Mojang account if you have the details, or if you are playing through an Xbox Game Pass subscription, select Sign in with Microsoft Account.

You should now be on a page that shows all of your Minecraft games. Under the Java Edition, select Profile Name. In the box, input whatever name you want to show up above your character in the game. Note that you will be stuck with whatever you choose for the next 30 days, at which point you can change it again.

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How to change your username in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is a little more tricky but just about as easy to change. Because the game is on various platforms, you will need to change your username on whatever platform you are on if you do not have a Microsoft account linked to it. If you are playing on your own or with friends on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation, whatever name your account is there will be your username.

If you are playing on mobile, PC, Xbox, or one of the other consoles with a Microsoft account connected, you will need to change your Xbox Gamertag. To do this, go to the Change Gamertag page and sign in with your Microsoft account. Put in your new name here and go through the process of changing it. Whenever you sign into Minecraft with your Microsoft account, the change will take place.

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