How to charge your Mario or Luigi Kart in Mario Kart Live

Charging station.

Mario Kart Live

Mario Kart Live comes with little plastic RC karts that you can send flying around your house as you play some augmented reality racing. They are equipped with cameras, sending images back to your game while also reading AR information off the cardboard checkpoints that come with the game. It’s a unique experience, no doubt about it.

The plastic karts, which come in Mario and Luigi styles, run on batteries, and eventually, you are going to need to charge them. The big question here is, how? A quick look at the kart reveals no obvious charge port, so you know it is going to be hidden somewhere. The good news is that it is pretty easy to find.

On the right side of the plastic kart, you will find a side panel that slides up to reveal the charging port. You can then use the cable that you get with the game to connect the kart to the Switch, and it will charge it up for you. That’s as difficult as it is. Both karts should come with their own cables, and they will connect to any USB port, as far as we can tell. This means you can charge up both karts at the same time to avoid any extra waiting.

You should also know that if anything happens to the cardboard gates that come with the game, replacing them is actually very easy. You can simply print out some extra ones at the link provided and replace them yourself.