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How to check Weapon combos in Tower of Fantasy

No combo breakers here.

While you can simply mash buttons and still do adequate damage in Tower of Fantasy, every weapon type has a combo tree that contains around six combos on average. Depending on which weapon you’re using, you might be able to get away with mashing, but in higher-tier content, you’ll not only want to optimize your ability usage but also your ability to chain combos together for maximum damage. The first step on that road is knowing the combos, so here’s where you’ll find a list of them.

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Combo list location in Tower of Fantasy

The combo list is fairly well hidden for such an important facet of combat. To access it, you need to access the Survival Guide, which you open by pressing the exclamation point button below the minimap.

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Once you’re in the Survival Guide, scroll the left-hand menu all the way down to the bottom to reveal the Weapon Skill submenu. Click on it to show the combo list for every weapon type in the game.

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Note that no matter a weapon’s rarity, it will have the same core moveset. The only real difference between bows, spears, staves and other weapon groups that have weapons at multiple rarities will be their element and enhancement ability.

Learning a new weapon follows the same rules as learning any other new skill. You’ll want to equip it and upgrade it as much as possible, then take it into the overworld and use it against low-level enemies to get a feel for how it handles. Try the basic combos, then see where other moves link into them, and try to find the optimal setup. The more comfortable you become with a combo string, the higher the difficulty of content you should attempt until you reach your skill limit. Stay at that plateau until you start making progress again, then take your challenge even higher.

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