How to check your player racing stats in F1 2020

It’s not always about wins and losses.

F1 2020

Image via Codemasters

Being able to show off your stats in any game the lifeblood of any gaming community. Bragging rights mean a lot in today’s social media connected world, while sometimes being able to sit back and admire your skills can be a cathartic experience. Racing games are some of the best to see how good you are, as times and racing stats are simple to keep track of and easy to quantify into a skill level.

F1 2020 offers stats that allow you to see all of both your online racing stats from both ranked and unranked. Those who are playing F1 2020 for the My Team and the Career modes are also able to see their stats, and you can view other driver’s profiles after racing with them.

However, accessing all of your states is not obvious from the menus. Instead, the information is contained within your player “Super Licence,” which is essentially a player landing page for their record in their career on the game.

To access the Super Licence, while you are outside of a session on a race track, such as in the main menu or at your headquarters on My Team, press in on the left analog stick. This will offer you two options to pick from, one of which will be your super license. All of your stats will be contained here, with career stats at the bottom of the page. This won’t allow you to check your best times on each track, and instead, you will need to check the leaderboards of each track to be able to do this.