Where to find lap time leaderboards in F1 2020

To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best.

F1 2020

Image via Codemasters

Racing is all about speed. Getting the fastest lap times in a racing game is one of the best ways to show just how good you are behind the wheel of a car and the easiest ways to gain those all-important bragging rights over friends that think they’re quicker than you are.

Open-wheel racing is one of the most competitive as the cars are arguably toughest to handle, and the speed is immense. However, for those looking to check out the global and friends leaderboards in F1 2020, finding all of the best times is not immediately obvious.

Viewing the Super Licence for each driver gives details on their stats for both their online races and the stats for their career mode, but doesn’t provide a list of the best times that they’ve achieved on each track. There’s also no option on the main menu to check out the stats or times of racers on each track.

Instead, the route to the leaderboards is in the track selection. However, the only way to access this quickly is to head into a game mode. The fastest mode to get into to be able to check out the leaderboards is the Time Trial Mode, so head to the Solo tab, and then Time Trial. After picking a car, you’ll be asked to pick a track. It’s from here that the options for viewing the leaderboard of the currently highlighted track will be available to you. 

You can toggle between the Global Leaderboard for the best times amongst all players, or simply your friend’s leaderboards so you can revel in your superiority to your buddies.