How to check your Warframe Wayback stats for the 8th anniversary

Check your records.

Warframe is celebrating 8 years of entertaining Tenno all around the world. That is long time to spend fighting the Corpus, Grineer, and Infested, and players will have built up a long history in the game.

As part of the celebration, Digital Extremes has created a new website where players can go to check their stats since they started playing the game. The Warframe Wayback Stats site is part of the main Warframe website, so when players visit it and sign in, it will automatically pull information from their profile.

The Wayback Stats will show you all manner of interesting information about your time in the game, including the below:

  • Top 3 Warframes
  • Enemies Vanquished
  • Favourite Weapons
  • Total Time in-game
  • The date you started playing
  • Clan Dojo Credit Donations
  • Total Login Reward Earned
  • How much time spent at each Mastery Rank

It is definitely an interesting breakdown of the available information, and it was quite surprising to see that we have spent more time as Excalibur Prime than any other Warframe. As such, you might learn something about your time in the game that you forgot over the course of those 8 years.

There are lots more celebrations going on for Warframe’s 8 year anniversary, and lots of nice rewards are up for grabs over the next month, so be sure to check them all out.