How to Clean all the Stains in Genshin Impact Cleanup at Dawn Quest

Clean four stains to complete the quest.

Image via Genshin Impact

Cleanup at Dawn is a World Quest that is unlocked after completing Song of the Dragon and Freedom. To complete the quest, you have to help the maid clean the stains after a storm hit the Dawn Winery at Mondstadt.

While it seems to be a straightforward task, it requires a specific way to do it. You have to talk to Adelinde outside the Dawn Winery to start the quest and then enter the Winery to clean the stains.

Cleanup at Dawn Quest: Clean the Stains

  1. When you enter Winery, you will find four stains on the ground floor. The locations of these large grey puddles (stains) are shown in the images above.
  2. Now, to clean them, you will need to select a character like Barbara with water abilities.
  3. You can unlock Barbara by reaching Adventure Rank 20 in the game and then equip it.
  4. Now, go near each stain and use your water ability to clean them.
  5. After you are done cleaning all the four stains, go near Adelinde to complete the quest.

On completing the quest, you will get Adventure Rank EXP x 100, Mora x 2000, and Tea Break Pancake x 5 as rewards.