How to clear Downtown Seattle and get the Sightseer Trophy in The Last of Us Part II

Take a break from your quest for revenge and play tourist!

The Last of Us™ Part II ellie guitar

The Last of Us Part II is often a masterclass in level design with open but well-telegraphed paths to follow. Ellie’s first day in Seattle is a little different, though. Here the game briefly opens up, allowing you to freely explore various locations in Downtown Seattle. Visiting them all will earn you the Sightseer Trophy and quite a few supplies. To make sure you don’t miss any of the optional locations, you’re going to want to consult your map frequently.

All 10 locations in Downtown Seattle

The Last of Us™ Part II All Downtown Seattle Locations
A completed map with all 10 locations marked

Besides the FEDRA gate Ellie and Dina first come across, there are 10 locations you’ll need to thoroughly explore in order to unlock the Sightseer Trophy, eight of which are entirely optional. As Ellie and Dina make their way across the area, Ellie will track any hints she picks up with a question mark and cross out any locations that have been cleared. The map itself can be picked up right outside of Seattle in a construction trailer alongside the highway, but if you miss that one, it will randomly spawn in drawers throughout the level.

Westlake Bank on the corner of 5th and James

The Last of Us™ Part II Westlake Bank

This is the only optional location where you’ll encounter enemies, but it’s well worth the excursion. Head under the collapsed facade into the bank, take out the infected you find, and you’ll be treated to a nice pump-action shotgun in the vault.

Destroyed building on the corner of 6th and Marion

The Last of Us™ Part II Desolate Building

There isn’t much to this destroyed building. All you need to do to clear this area is climb up what remains of the interior stairs and break through some windows to pick up everything on the building overhang.

Music shop on 5th

The Last of Us™ Part II Valiant Music Shop

On the east side of 5th Avenue between Marion and Madison you’ll find the Valiant Music Shop. Inside, there are some supplies you can pick up, and on the second floor is a guitar you can play for Dina. Head up there to then get to the next location as well.

FEDRA checkpoint across from the music shop

The Last of Us™ Part II FEDRA Checkpoint

From the second floor of the music shop, you can make your way across a FEDRA checkpoint to find a tent with some supplies and a workbench inside. Ellie will draw a wrench on her map to indicate this spot.

Gate West 2 on Madison

The Last of Us™ Part II Gate West 2

Just north of the FEDRA tent is the West 2 gate. Slip between the fencing and you’ll find a safe you can raid. The combination for the safe is 0451, the same as the West 2 code written on the slip of paper Ellie would have found earlier, before entering the area.

Ruston Coffee on the corner of 5th and Spring


Inside the coffee shop you’ll find some more supplies, as well as the key for Barko’s Pet Shop, the next location you’ll want to visit.

Barko’s Pet Store on 6th

The Last of Us™ Part II Barkos

On the opposite side of Valorant Music Shop, you’ll find Barko’s Pet Store. You’ll need to use the key on the door on the side of the building to get in. Inside, you’ll find an additional long gun holster you can use as well.

Under the I-5 overpass

The Last of Us™ Part II Under the overpass

Between Madison and Spring you’ll find a collapsed portion of the I-5 overpass. Here there is an abandoned FEDRA truck you’ll have to go inside in order to clear the last optional location.

The synagogue on 5th

The Last of Us™ Part II Synagogue

Between Marion and Columbia is the synagogue. This is one of the mandatory locations Ellie and Dina will have to visit.

The courthouse between Spring and Madison

The Last of Us™ Part II Couthouse

You’ll have to get into the courthouse parking lot through the side of the building to find the gas that Ellie and Dina need to progress the main story of the game.

Once you explore all the locations in Downtown Seattle, you will unlock the Sightseer Trophy. If you happen to miss any, you can always go back and play the level through the chapter select option. You’ll only need to visit spots you missed the first time around, and then the trophy will be yours.