How to clear Thunder Fogs in Genshin Impact – The Thundering Wilds Commission

Clear the air.

Genshin Impact will give players four daily commissions to complete that can earn them Mora, Primogems, and other rewards. These rotate each day, and could be anything from accompanying a balloon to destroying an enemy camp.

One of the commissions is to clear Thunder Fogs. This takes place on the islands of Inazuma and may be a little confusing the first time players get it. The Thunder Fogs will be marked by some purple commission waypoints, and players can clear them quite easily.

All you need to do is switch to an Anemo character and use one of their Anemo abilities to clear the fog, the same way you would clear some dirt in one of the cleaning commissions.

All you need to do is hit the Thunder Fog with the ability and it will clear. Make your way to all three waypoints, using an ability at each location that catches the Thunder Fog in its radius, and you will then need to fight an enemy that spawns in.

This is normally slightly lower level than the player, so shouldn’t prove to be any problem. After the enemy is defeated, the commission is finished. The rewards that are granted depend on the player’s Adventure Rank, but will include Mora, Experience, and ores.