How to collect all the samples for the Research Assistant in Dredge

Fish the depths for the strangest creatures out there.


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While exploring Stellar Basin in Dredge, you’ll encounter the Research Assistant at her scientific research outpost. She’s had a rough time because a huge sea creature has moved in and destroyed pretty much everything it can reach. To uncover what this creature is and what it’s doing to the local wildlife, you need to collect two sets of samples. This guide explains how to collect all the samples for the Research Assistant, so you can figure out what’s going on and get the best reward possible from this Pursuit.

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Where to collect all the sample fish for the Research Assistant

There are two sets of samples you need to collect for the Research Assistant. We’ve listed all the fish required here in order so you can work through them in a way that makes sense to you.

Where to find a Glowing Octopus

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You can find a Glowing Octopus by placing a crab pot anywhere in Stellar Basin. We caught one very close to the pontoon in this region, meaning we didn’t need to go far to catch the first sample. It took one day for the Glowing Octopus to appear, though you may catch one sooner, depending on the books you’ve read and the type of pot you’re using. We recommend Mouth of the Deep.

Where to find a Firefly Squid

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Firefly Squid are easy creatures to catch. Wait until night and then look for a swirling pool of glowing fish beneath the water’s surface. Fish there, and you’ll catch all the Firefly Squid you desire.

Where to find an Aurora Jellyfish

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Aurora Jellyfish gave us a lot of trouble with this Pursuit. You can’t catch them with a rod or crab pot. Instead, you need to research and unlock Trawler Nets and then buy and equip one. These allow you to catch fish just by sailing around. We caught an Aurora Jellyfish while sailing around and exploring at night in Stellar Basin. Do the same, and you should find one.

Once you’ve caught all three of these fish and have delivered them to the Research Assistant, you’ll progress her quest and be able to access the center of Stellar Basin. This will allow you to grab the Relic there and take it to The Collector. However, you can also continue to work for the Research Assistant to get another reward. To do that, you need to collect the following sample fish.

Where to find an Anglerfish

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Anglerfish are fairly common in Stellar Basin. You’ll need to fish at night in areas where you can get an Abyssal fish. If you don’t have a rod that can fish at this depth, you’ll need to research one or find another way of getting one later. The spots with Anglerfish in show fish swinging deep beneath the water’s surface.

Where to find a Stoplight Loosejaw

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The Stoplight Loosejaw is the fish that gave us the most trouble in this second part of the Research Assistant Pursuit. You can only find it at night, and even then, it’s rare. This fish appears in spots of Disturbed Water where there are fish with red eyes swirling under the surface. We recommend setting out from the Research Outpost and looking in the waters around Stellar Basin instead of inside the region.

Where to find a Giant Amphipod

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You’ll find Giant Amphipods in the center of Stellar Basin. Use the machine the Research Assistant has you activate to get rid of the monster there for a while before sailing in. You can see which fishing spots will give you these creatures because they’re distinctly different from others. It’s the legs that give them away.

Where to find a Snailfish

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Snailfish can only be caught in the center of Stellar Basin. To get them, you need to use the generator to activate the machine that makes the creature in this area disappear for a short time. Then, you can sail in, catch a Snailfish, and escape.

What do you get for completing the Research Assistant Pursuit?

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Once you’ve handed in all the samples and have completed everything else in this Pursuit, the Research Assistant will explain why the fish in this part of the world are so strange. She’ll also give you a new book, A Plan for the Future. Equip this and sail around to read it and unlock the benefits it provides.