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How to collect the Ancient Magic Hotspot traces near Keenbridge in Hogwarts Legacy

You need a broomstick, and not for sweeping up.

Ancient Magic Hotspots are locations on the Hogwarts Legacy Highlands map at which you can find traces of Ancient Magic. Collecting Ancient Magic traces from Ancient Magic Hotspots is the only way you can increase the capacity of your Ancient Magic meter. Each milestone on the ‘Collect Ancient Magic’ earns you an additional bar on your Ancient Magic meter, and this makes you much more powerful in combat, so it’s well worth finding all those Ancient Magic traces. One Ancient Magic Hotspot where the Ancient Magic traces are a little tricky to find is near Keenbridge, southeast across the river at a small ruined castle.

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How to collect all traces from the Keenbridge Ancient Magic Hotspot

The first Ancient Magic trace at the Keenbridge Ancient Magic Hotspot will be marked on your mini-map, and is on the raised platform outside the west wall of the castle. Investigate it to begin the Ancient Magic challenge.

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Use either Incendio or Confringo to burn away the vines blocking the entrance to the castle, then go inside and use any destructive spell to destroy the crates and barrels by the wooden wall on the right. The second Ancient Magic trace is in the gap at the bottom of that wooden wall.

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Now use your broomstick to fly up inside the castle and get the third Ancient Magic trace on the platform directly underneath the Astronomy Table. You can get to the Astronomy Table without your broomstick, but not the Ancient Magic trace.

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The fourth and final trace of Ancient Magic is on the wooden platform at the top of the castle in the southeast corner. You’ll need your broomstick to get to that one too.

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Once you’ve collected all four traces of Ancient Magic, the Keenbridge Ancient Magic Hotspot will be completed, and you’ll be one step closer to unlocking an additional bar on your Ancient Magic meter.

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