How to solve the Keenbridge Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy

Dive into the river.

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Hogwarts Legacy is filled with various secrets for you to discover and puzzles for you to solve. Many of the puzzles found throughout the game are in Treasure Vaults. These small tasks are scattered all over the highlands and are meant to challenge you so that you can obtain some treasure. One such vault appears next to Keenbridge and can be a bit annoying to access and complete. This guide will show you how to solve the Keenbridge Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete the Keenbridge Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy

Keenrbidge is one of the many Hamlets that you can visit as you explore the highlands in Hogwarts Legacy. This hamlet is to the south of Hogwarts and is most likely one of the first areas you will go to when you travel south of the castle. There is a Floo Flame fast travel point in the area if you need to travel here later on in the game.

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Once you reach Keenbridge, make your way over to where the bee hives are and jump into the river. You will see the Treasure Vault marked on the map. Swim toward the center of the river and you will find an area where you can dive underwater. Interact with the area to access the Treasure Vault. When you enter the vault, swim to the shore and you will see a large door that is blocked by various beams. You will need to solve a simple puzzle to access the treasure within the vault.

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Walk up to the door and look to the right. You will see a handle on the other side of a small hole in the rocks. Use the Accio spell on the handle to pull it toward you. This will open the door and allow you to access the vault. Follow the path to the end to find the treasure chest and an extra chest along with some frogs. This isn’t the only vault in the region. There are more Treasure Vaults that appear around Irondale.