How to complete all deeds in Sea of Thieves: The Secret Wilds Adventure

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Every Sea of Thieves Adventure comes with Deeds — special tasks sometimes outside the main path of the limited-time activity — that pave the way to more loot and allow you to claim the second Adventure reward once completed. The Secret Wilds, the eleventh Adventure to grace the game, comes with 10 Deeds total that will take you all over the game world, solving puzzles, delving into the world of memory, and examining the night sky.

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The ten Sea of Thieves: The Secret Wilds Adventure Deeds

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The first and last Deeds are simple: speak to Madam Olivia on Plunder Outpost. The remaining eight take place across the Sea of Thieves.

  • Speak with Madame Olivia. Head to Plunder Outpost, where she’ll be in the Order of Souls tent.
  • Discover the Nine Dark Constellations. Travel to these three islands in the following order and solve constellation perspective puzzles there using Briggsy’s Mask: The Crooked Masts, Old Faithful Isle, and Marauder’s Arch. There are three puzzles per island. Dig up the key or chest where you stand when you solve the puzzle. You’ll need them for the next Deed.
  • Collect All Four Fragments. Tasha will give you one of the Fragments at the start of the Adventure. The remaining three will be in chests you find while solving the constellation puzzles.
  • Recover the Torn Pages. Speak to Briggsy at Marauder’s Arch and give her the Amulet you’ve made with the Fragments. She’ll leave behind the Torn Pages, which you can pick up once she’s gone.
  • Find Briggsy’s Memory of Tasha. Head to the Tavern on Ancient Spire Outpost and equip Briggsy’s Mask for this Memory.
  • Find Briggsy’s Memory of Sudds. Travel to North Star Seapost and look toward the vendor with Briggsy’s Mask equipped to see this memory.
  • Find Briggsy’s Memory of Rose and George. Head to Lone Cove and find Deadshot Charlotte, then go north of her up the path to find a single palm tree surrounded by bushes. Equip Briggsy’s Mask and witness the memory.
  • Find Briggsy’s Memory of the Shroudbreaker. Make your way to the southern end of Crook’s Hollow and make your way into the caves there. Equip Briggsy’s Mask in front of the scarab painting on the wall to see this memory.
  • Find Briggsy’s Memory of the Homeward Dove. For the final memory, go to the west side of Thieves’ Haven and look for another single palm tree. You should see the rocky arch behind it. Equip the Mask for the memory.
  • Complete ‘The Secret Wilds’ Adventure. Make your way back to Plunder Outpost and speak to Madame Olivia again.