All rewards in Sea of Thieves: The Secret Wilds Adventure and how to get them

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Sea of Thieves’ eleventh limited-time Adventure, The Secret Wilds, is out, and with it comes new rewards. As usual, there’s nothing earth-shattering, and certainly nothing that replaces the items in the premium currency Pirate Emporium, but what’s here is a bit more substantial than some previous Adventures. Getting your hands on the Secret Wilds rewards follows the same basic pattern as previous activities as well, and we’re covering all that today.

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How to get all Sea of Thieves: The Secret Wilds Adventure rewards and what they are

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There are two rewards available this time, as per usual: a cosmetic item and a title.

  • Briggsy’s Mask: This cosmetic ship trinket, lets you display the facial features (or at least their top parts) of notorious Skeleton pirate Briggsy. The top half of her skull has been mounted to a golden mask that you can place on your ship — sorry, you can’t wear it, to the ire of many players.
  • The Dark Stargazer: The title for the Adventure requires you, as they always do, to complete every Deed in The Secret Wilds, and there are quite a few this time around: 10 in total. Expect to spend a bit of time sailing from place to place, as there are activities across the Sea of Thieves you’ll need to complete. The full list of Deeds is as follows:
    • Speak with Madame Olivia
    • Discover the Nine Dark Constellations
    • Collect All Four Fragments
    • Recover the Torn Pages
    • Find Briggsy’s Memory of Tasha
    • Find Briggsy’s Memory of Sudds
    • Find Briggsy’s Memory of Rose and George
    • Find Briggsy’s Memory of the Shroudbreaker
    • Find Briggsy’s Memory of the Homeward Dove
    • Complete ‘The Secret Wilds’ Adventure

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Finding everything will probably take at least a couple of hours, especially if you’re trying to do it all solo. We recommend forming a crew, through the official Discord, for instance — it will help not only with the puzzles but the movement of treasure chests and other loot.