How to complete an Element Vein in Ark: Survival Evolved

Purple and worth more than you think.

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The Element Vein in Ark: Survival Evolved was one of the first instances where players could obtain Element outside a boss battle. Introduced with the launch of the Extinction map, players could complete Element Veins as a means to farm relatively quickly. The Element Vein, however, isn’t for the faint of heart, and you’ll need plenty of coordination and planning. This guide will explain how to complete Element Vein in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What is an Element Vein in Ark: Survival Evolved

Compared to orbital supply drops, the setup for element nodes is similar in that the difficulty levels vary depending on the size of the particular element node. Naturally, the rewards and threats increase with the size of the Element Node. The second similarity is that it does matter how well the survivor defends both the primary Element Node and the lesser Element Nodes. The size of the element harvest will depend on how many element nodes were maintained alive at the conclusion of the defense. It is crucial to harvest the smaller, peripheral Element Nodes before the primary Element Node following a successful defense; failing to do so would result in the loss of valuable extra Element.

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It’s also crucial to remember that only metal tools, such as the Pick or Hatchet, can be used to harvest the Elements; otherwise, the Element Nodes would be destroyed without any Element having been gathered. The Mantis can be used with a Metal Pick or Metal Hatchet for harvesting larger quantities.

Compared to the smaller nodes found nearby, the main Element Node offers more Element and Shards.

Where to find Element Veins, and which kinds you can find on Extinction in Ark: Survival Evolved

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There are three kinds of Element nodes; the larger their size, the more HP and Element they contain. They are pretty easy to spot; they’re large, purple spikes growing out of the ground, located only in the Wastelands. The three types are:

  • Easy – 10,000 HP nodes
  • Medium – 25,000 HP nodes
  • Hard – 50,000 HP nodes

A third, Corrupt vein exists, but it is only as part of the King Titan fight and yields no Element once completely.

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How to complete an Element Vein in Ark Survival Evolved and what you’ll need to do it

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There are a few methods to do this, but working with a tribe is the simplest.

With how many corrupted creatures will assault, sheer numbers will assist you find any creatures that may have gotten lost or stranded somewhere. The best tactic is to position a group of hostile Velonosaurs in turret mode outside the smaller nodes to shoot at any flying creatures. Corrupted Wyverns and Pteranadons are frequently your biggest issue.

To deal the majority of your damage on land-based enemies, you should also have a Giga with respectable stats. Try to cut off the hordes of Corrupted creatures before they get too close because, if you’re not careful, they can and will destroy the nodes. Turrets with generators set to wild animals can also be installed if you so want.

If your tame isn’t available, you can and should have a personal weapon like a Pump-Action shotgun or a Fabricated Sniper Rifle with lots of ammo. Bring plenty of water, additional armor, and food because this is the Wasteland zone; if you don’t, the environmental component will become challenging.

Be aware that your element defense can and will be attacked at any point if you are playing on a PvP server. Watch for potential threats and prepare an escape route for when you’ve gathered your Element. Always have a few Turrets on Survivors and High settings to keep people from rushing your Element Vein.