How to complete Autodiagnostics: 1 in No Man’s Sky Expedition Three: Cartographers

Find your custom ship.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The first Milestone in No Man’s Sky Expedition Three: Cartographers is called Autodiagnostics: 1 and represents the start of an extremely different adventure. This guide covers how you complete this Milestone and offers some tips on preparing for the coming journey.

Step 1: Observe your surroundings

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Milestone might sound easy, but it can trip you up. All you need to do is find your custom ship, which should be near your spawn location, and enter it. However, there will likely be a lot of other ships around you. We saw about five in our time with this very early part of the game, making it hard to discern which ship was ours. So take a moment to observe the planet around you and figure out which ship is yours. It should be marked with the usual ship indicator.

Step 2: Enter your ship

Screenshot by gamepur

When you know which ship is yours, run up to it and hop inside. It’ll protect you from the toxic environment and trigger the completion of this first Milestone. Once completed, you can claim 5 Ion Batteries, 120 Oxygen, and a Recovered Item as your reward.