How to complete Cache on the Coast in Far Cry 6

Make it to the drop first.

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It’s a race against time to obtain the Cache on the Coast quest in Far Cry 6 to get supplies before the FND forces arrive on the beach. However, if you can make it there before them, you’ll be able to secure some well-deserved resources that you can take back to the Libertad to win over Yara. This guide details how to complete the Cache on the Coast quest in Far Cry 6.

Starting Cache on the Coast

You can obtain the quest by receiving information about it from a Libertad informant, or you may approach it in your travels by happenstance. The quest starts you in the southwest portion of the Mogote Foothills, and you can find a radio station on a hill that you can reach by grappling up or walking up the side of the mountain.

When you interact with the radio station, you’ll have three minutes and 50 seconds to reach the southwest tip of Serpentino Park. We recommend having a vehicle nearby for this quest or having a helicopter nearby if you’ve destroyed the nearby Anti-Air turret.

Once the timer has activated, you’ll have to reach the beach before time runs out. At the time, we did not have a car or an air vehicle available to us, but we did follow a nearby guerilla trail where we discovered a horse and followed the path straight to the beach.

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When you arrive, an FND truck will be there next to the supplies, and you’ll need to take out the soldiers before they depart with the goods. There should only be a handful of them, making it easy for you and your amigo to make short work of them. Once you’ve obtained the Cache, the quest will be completed.