How to complete Chaos Theory in Deathloop

Breathe it all in.

Image via Arkane Studios

Harriet is a self-help author in Deathloop, but she’s turned her followers into more of a cult. She’s more interested in having them worship her than actually getting them help. You’ll be able to take her out during the Chaos Theory lead, potentially giving her the final act in her show.

You’ll be able to conduct the Chaos Theory Visionary lead while visiting Karl’s Bay in the morning. You can find Harriet inside of Hanger 2, but the entrance to the building is going to be locked.

You’ll need to make your way across almost all of Karl’s Bay to find Hanger 2. You can expect to encounter several Eternalists along the way, which you can deal with however you like. However, while you have the Chaos Theory mission Lead activated, you’ll have a direct waypoint to find Hanger 2.

Once you arrive, you can scour the entire hanger, and you won’t be able to find a way inside. The trick is to go to the back of the hanger and look for the crate labeled ‘Otto’s Workshop.’ You won’t be able to open it, but you can jump on top of it and jump to the side of the building. Continue following the pipes that you can jump on until you reach the top floor of Hanger 2.

There will be windows and a desk with a piece of paper labeled ‘I got Nothing.’ After you read it, you’ll learn there’s a way to sneak into Hanger 2 through Hanger 1’s maintenance closet, and now you have code for it. Make your way over to Hanger 1, and you can find the entrance to the maintenance closet locked behind a security code, which you should be able to auto-fill. The door is on the bottom floor in the back.

Inside the closet, you’ll be able to drop down into a small maintenance shaft and make your way over to Hanger 2. You should be able to hear Harriet’s voice through an intercom. As you’re making your way through this ventilation shaft, you will be dealing with green gas. The gas is slowly rising into the hanger, and it’s extremely deadly and flammable. You want to avoid shooting it.

When you reach Hanger 2, your goal is to make it to the third floor, but you want to take the stairs on the right side of the building. Taking this route will get you there the quickest, whereas the one closest to the ventilation shaft that you exit from will only get you to the second floor. When you reach the third floor, jump on the suspended plane, and go to the other platform. There will be two Eternalists you want to eliminate, so they don’t see you.

Once you’re over there, you can almost sneak into Harriet’s office. However, it’s guarded by trip mines. But you can shoot the button to open the office’s entrance. Return to the other side once again, and you can access Harriet’s minicom terminal, and you’ll learn how the only time to go after her is during her morning gathering at Karl’s Bay.