How to complete Cluster Horde in No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers

Start saving Nanites.


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Cluster Horde is the fourth Milestone in Phase three of No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers. To complete this Milestone, you need to amass a decent chunk of Nanites, but that takes time. So if you want to complete this Milestone in a pinch, you may be out of luck unless you know a way to earn loads of them quickly. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for how to complete Cluster Horde, allowing you to focus on the rest of the Expedition.

Complete multiple Milestones

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Nanites can be earned from multiple sources. While you could head to the space station in every system and complete all the available quests there to earn them legitimately, there’s a much easier way to build up the 2,000 you need to complete this Milestone. That method is completing other Milestones.

All you need to do to earn 2,000 Nanites is keep completing the other Milestones in this Expedition. Not all of them award you with Nanties, but most do. After you’ve completed one or two Phases, you should have earned enough Nanites to complete Cluster Horde. We didn’t get a notification when this Milestone completed, so keep checking the Expedition menu to see if you’ve already finished it. You can claim 5,000,000 Units, 128 Rusted Metal, and 256 Runaway Mould from the Expedition menu when you do.