How to complete Rendezvous 2 in No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers

Get on your way.


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Rendezvous 2 is the first Milestone in Phase two of No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers. To complete it, you need to reach the second Rendezvous Point in this epic journey, which is much easier said than done when the marker isn’t the exact spot for it. This guide covers how to complete Rendezvous 2, so you can get on with the more complicated Milestones in the time you have left.

Follow the marker then search on foot

Screenshot by Gamepur

First, you need to mark Rendezvous 2 as the active Milestone in the Expedition menu. This will highlight it on the galaxy map and in the system when you finally reach it. Next, open the galaxy map and warp to the system where the second Rendezvous Point is located. Once you arrive, you should see the Rendezvous Point and the planet that it’s on. Use your pulse engines to get there quickly, then land as close to the marker as possible.

You won’t land on the exact location, but you can jump out of your ship and use your tactical visor to track it down once you’ve landed. As you near the Rendezvous Point, your visor will scan again to pinpoint its exact location. It will be under a Planetary Archive, so run towards it until the Milestone completion screen is shown. When the Milestone has been completed, you can claim 1,000 Nanites, three Inventory Slots, a Storage Augmentation, and a Multi-Tool Expansion Slot from the Expedition menu.