How to Do Datamine For Sundial in Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Sundial is a matchmade, six-player activity that comes to Season of Dawn. In it, you will take on different challenges, and the better you do in each trial, the quicker you will fill up a progress bar. When the bar is full, you will fight a boss and take him out to get some new Legendary Gear.

The different challenges can rotate and appear in any order, but they all have a particular mechanic, you should be aware of what these are if you want to gain as much progress as possible.

Datamine is all about hold a sport, much like in Control in the Crucible. Waves of enemies will come at you, looking to drive you off the point. When you are in the circle surrounding the point, it will slowly fill up, increasing your progress toward the boss fight. After a short time, Psion Commanders spawn in, and to stop your growth.

The Psion Commanders are in protective bubbles, so you can’t shoot them, or kill them with abilities. You need to melee them. Although getting to them can be an issue. They can appear in odd places, at the top of pillars, or other hard to reach areas. They do make a distinctive sound when they spawn in, so pay attention to the telltale sound, then hunt them down.

When you finally finish taking a point, a powerful enemy will fight, and you need to take them out before moving on to the next point. The sooner they are dead, the sooner you can go back to make progress towards the boss fight. If you are playing with friends, having one person dedicated to Psion Commander hunting can make this a breeze.