How to complete the Dead In Its Tracks mission in Control AWE

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How to complete the Dead In Its Tracks mission in Control AWE

Control AWE, like the main game and The Foundation DLC before it, is full of fun side missions to complete. Some are longer than others, but the Dead In Its Tracks quest is one of the shorter ones to tick off your checklist. You can access it after you force Shaded Hartman to retreat from the Eagle Limited AWE area.

It may only have a small puzzle for you to complete, but Dead In Its Tracks can be problematic if you’re unsure about what you need to do. If you are struggling with this particular side mission, allow us to help you out.

As you step inside the Altered Item train carriage, you will see six items sitting on different dining tables. If you head over to each item and tap the action button, you will hear — or read, if you have subtitles on — parts of an event gone horribly wrong play out.

How to complete the Dead In Its Tracks mission in Control AWE

To complete this mission, you must put interact with the items in the correct order. This enables you to piece together what happened during this Altered World Event and uncover the mystery behind one of AWE’s strangest cases.

The order of the items which you must interact with is as follows: briefcase, conductor’s hat, violin, plate of food, hammer, and cogs. Connecting the items in this way will present a coherent version of events and unlock the door at the end of the carriage. If you step through this brightly lit door, someone will ask you if you have a ticket before you are teleported back outside.

You will receive a new case file to look over, as well as a couple of other rewards that we won’t spoil, for beating this mission.

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