How to complete First Steps in No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers

Find your escape.


Screenshot by Gamepur

First Steps is the first Milestone in Phase one of No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers. It will be the first challenge in your quest to complete all five Phases and eventually claim the Normandy SR1 Frigate as your own. However, if this is your first time with the game, you might completely miss what you need to do in this Milestone. This guide explains how to complete First Steps so that you can get on your way.

Find your ship

Screenshot by Gamepur

To complete First Steps, you need to find your ship. Thankfully, this is the same goal that every playthrough of No Man’s Sky begins with. Look around you until you see a ship icon somewhere on-screen. This is the indicator for your ship, and you need to follow it. The location should be within 1,000 units of your location, so start running towards it.

Keep an eye out for Sentinels and anything else on the planet that might make your life difficult. As long as you avoid danger, you should reach your ship relatively quickly. When you do, the Milestone will be completed. Now you can claim a Supreme Movement System Upgrade, a Powerful Hazard Protection Upgrade, and a Powerful Mining Beam Upgrade from the Expedition menu.