How to Do Gatecrash for Sundial in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Sundial is a matchmade, six-player activity that came with Season of Dawn. In it, you take on different challenges, and the better you do in each trial, the quicker you will fill up a progress bar. When the bar is full, you will fight a boss and take him out to get some new Legendary Gear.

The different challenges can rotate and appear in any order, but they all have a particular mechanic. You should be aware of what these are if you want to gain as much progress as possible.

In Gatecrash, you need to take out the three powerful Vex that will spawn in at the end of the arena. When they die, they will drop orbs that you need to pick up and bring to the other. Three vents will have spawned in as the Vex died, and you place the spheres in the vents. A powerful enemy will then spawn in, and you need to kill him before you can move onto the wave.

As always, the faster you kill things, the more progress you will make towards your goal of fighting the boss. It is essential to bring Anti-Barrier weapons into this section, as lots of callous Barrier enemies will spawn, and you want to take them out as quickly as possible. Because of the small arena and the fact that when you carry the Orbs, you move slowly and can’t jump very well, these enemies can easier kill whoever is trying to bring the Orbs.

The Vex Minotaurs you need to kill to get the Orbs all to have Void shields, so it is a good idea to bring a Void weapon with you to take these out. This part is not particularly difficult. It can just feel unfair when you get instantly nuked by a falling Cabal drop pod.