How to complete Homecoming in No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers

Find a place to call your own.


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Homecoming is the fourth Milestone in the first Phase of No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers. To complete it, you need to build and establish a base on any planet. However, the requirements for this are slightly more specific than you might think at first. This guide explains how to complete this Milestone so that you can move on and get into the later Phases of the Expedition.

Step 1: Build a Base Computer

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First, you need to build a Base Computer. You’ll have the plans for this from the start of your playthrough, so open the build menu and select the component. You need 30 Chromatic Metal to build the Base Computer. To make Chromatic Metal, you can refine any base metal such as Copper or Emeril. Put these through your Portable Refiner, and they’ll be refined into Chromatic Metal. When you have the resources, place your Base Compter. Now you can interact with the computer and establish your base.

Step 2: Build 14 items

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You can’t complete Homecoming until you’ve placed 15 items in your base. Your Base Computer counts, so you only need to build 14 more. We recommend making Flora Containment capsules since these only cost 15 Carbon to place. You can build whatever you want, but the faster you place those 14 items, the sooner you’ll complete Homecoming. Once you have, you can claim three Repair Kits and 12 Salvaged Data from the Expedition menu.