How to complete Interstellar in No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers

Boldly go where many players have gone before you.


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Interstellar is the third Milestone in Phase One of No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers. To complete it, you need to warp to a new system after finally getting your ship into space. This is quite a tricky Milestone to complete, so you may want to complete a few others before attempting it. However, when you come to it, you’ll need to find some advanced resources to install the right technology and get to that new system. This guide covers how to complete the Milestone so you can start traveling faster than light.

Step 1: Install a hyperdrive

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The first thing you need to do is install a hyperdrive in your ship. You’ll have the plans for this technology already, so you can open your starship inventory and press the button to install the technology. You’ll need five Microprocessors and 125 Chromatic Metal to install the hyperdrive. Since you’ll already have your ship off the ground at this point, we recommend visiting the local space station to buy the Microprocessors. You can sell whatever useless yet valuable items you’ve picked up so far to generate the funds.

You’ll need to find a base metal such as Copper or Emil on a planet nearby for the Chromatic Metal. Then, you need to mine that metal with your terrain manipulator. Finally, use your Portable Refiner to refine the base metal you gather into Chromatic Metal. Once you’ve acquired all the resources, install the hyperdrive in your ship.

Step 2: Craft a Warp Cell

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You can’t use your hyperdrive without fuel, so now you need to craft a Warp Cell. To make one of these, you’ll need one Antimatter Housing and some Antimatter. To make Antimatter, you need 20 Condensed Carbon, made by refining Carbon, and 25 Chromatic Metal. Combine the two, and you’ll have half of a Warp Cell. Antimatter Housing is made from 30 Oxygen and 50 Ferrite Dust. You get Ferrite Dust by mining any rock on most worlds, and Oxygen is abundant in plant life across almost all worlds.

When you have a Warp Cell, use it to fuel your hyperdrive and enter the galactic map. You can now pick the system you want to warp to and travel there in an instant. Try to travel along the path to Rendezvous Point 1 since this will make your journey through the Expedition more efficient. The Milestone will complete when you’ve successfully warped. Once it has, you can claim two Storage Augmentations and 300 Nanites from the Expedition menu.