How to complete Into the Fire in Atomic Heart – How to cool off the boiler

The road to getting the first canister.


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Atomic Heart is filled with different puzzles which you will need to solve to progress through the game, but you will only encounter a major one once you reach the Into the Fire quest. This quest will task you with entering the Hot Workshop to acquire the heat-resistant Polymer canister. However, things are going to take a lot of work as you will first need to cool off a boiler. To save you time and trouble, we will explain how you can do it quickly and complete Into the Fire puzzle.

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How to cool the boiler in Atomic Heart

As soon as you enter the boiler room, you will need to grab a blue candle from the many available and carry it inside a room filled with many robots.

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There, you need to put the candle inside a vent, which is located on the left side from where you enter the room. Once done, go outside, turn right, and look above to spot the candle inside the clear tubes.

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Now, there are a total of three boilers inside this room. The path to each boiler is different. First, look around and see which tube leads to which boiler. Once done, interact with the candle, move it around the tube, and drop it inside the first boiler. Then, go back, pick up another candle, put it inside the vent, and guide it to the second boiler. Do this one more time for the third boiler.

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It will take you some time before you put the candles inside all three boilers, but you won’t have a hard time figuring out the path to each one, considering it’s pretty straightforward after you take a look around. Remember that multiple robots will keep spawning as you start dropping the candles inside the boilers, so make sure not to let your guard down at any time.