How to fix Atomic Heart screen tearing issue on PC

Another day, another issue.

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Atomic Heart is a graphically impressive title, but this game is one that is filled with multiple issues preventing some players from enjoying it. Along with numerous other problems, PC players are also facing screen tearing issues. There can be multiple causes of this problem, but we’ve prepared a troubleshooting guide to make it go away.

Atomic Heart screen tearing fix

Before continuing further, make sure your PC meets the system requirements of Atomic Heart. This is because if it doesn’t; you could encounter multiple problems, including stuttering. If your rig is all good to go, feel free to proceed with the methods listed below.

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Make sure your graphics drivers are updated

Having the latest version of your graphics driver installed is crucial before playing any new title. Playing Atomic Heart with outdated drivers could cause multiple issues, including screen tearing. While graphics drivers are updated automatically most of the time, you will need to manually download them in some cases. For this, you can open the dedicated GPU application on your PC to see if there’s a new update available. Alternatively, you can go to Device Manager, open Display adapters, and right-click on your GPU’s name to select the option to update it. Once you’re done with installing the drivers, restart your PC and launch the game again.

Enable VSync

VSync is known as one of the biggest solutions for screen tearing issues. Enabling it will synchronize the frame rate of Atomic Heart with the refresh rate of your monitor. To turn VSync on, you need to head over to the ‘Quality’ tab in the settings and turn on ‘DLSS Frame Generation.’ Don’t worry; you don’t need a DLSS-supported graphics card for this, as the step is only required to make the VSync option available. Once done, go to the ‘Display’ tab and click on VSync to turn it on.

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Check your FPS cap

Another issue that can cause screen tearing is due to your FPS cap not being the same as your monitor refresh rate. Under the display tab, locate the ‘FPS cap’ setting and set this to your monitor’s refresh rate. Anything higher or lower than your monitor setting can sometimes cause issues.

Update the game

From time to time, developers can periodically release updates for their games. The easiest way to check for a new update is by restarting the game and launching it again. If there is an update available, it should begin to download.