How to complete Mission 4: Making space In Teardown

Having trouble dismantling the cabin or moving the safes? Follow these steps to complete Teardown’s 4th mission.

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The fourth mission is a mix of tasks. You will need to dispose of safes while also destroying a building. While the tasks don’t seem difficult at first, you can waste a lot of time if you don’t know how to do them efficiently.

Fortunately, there is a simple process to each task that will significantly cut down the time necessary. It will require using your new Blowtorch tool, but you will have plenty of time. Here’s a step-by-step process to complete the mission without struggling too much.

Step 1: Get The Office Safe

You are close to the Office safe from your starting position. Turn around and head to the large yellow building in the northeast. The safe will be on the second floor; go up the stairs and then open the door to the office (it has a glass frame around the door).

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It will be difficult to move, and you will have to drag it down the stairs. Alternatively, you can go downstairs and use the Sledgehammer to remove the wood underneath the safe. This will cause it to fall down, and you can move it around from there.

Make a hole in the building wall, preferably close to a waterfront. Push the safe by turning it like a wheel, or you can get behind it and try to “push” it forward (it will be a low drag). Pushing the safe like a wheel allows you to flip it over any obstacles in the way, though it can take more effort. Pushing it from behind can be easier, but you won’t always get the movement you want.

Whichever method you choose, push the safe into the water, and you will complete the first objective.

Step 2: Destroy The Outermost Cabin

The Outermost Cabin is the next objective, but it is some distance away. You will have to head southwest, but it is still on the same plot of land, and it won’t take too much time. You will know you have the right cabin when you see there is a white dot indicating how high a building is.

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This is important to look out for, since there are multiple cabins with the same appearance, and you can get started on the wrong cabin, wasting precious time and resources.

Your first instinct will be to dismantle the house with the Sledgehammer. It isn’t wrong, but you could run into problems as there are metal parts that aren’t easily addressed by either the Blowtorch or the Sledgehammer.

A faster way is to go into the water (you can swim and will never drown) and use the Blowtorch on the wooden supports keeping the cabin above the water. After cleanly cutting through enough supports, the house will tip to one side, greatly reducing its height and making your job easier.

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You will then have to use the Sledgehammer to destroy whatever parts of the house are still above the minimum height (represented by a dotted white line). It shouldn’t take too much time, though, now that you have taken the biggest obstacles out of the way.

Step 3: Take Care Of The Warehouse Safe (optional)

The next objective is optional, but it will give you an additional $30 if you complete it.

The warehouse is in the northeast, but it isn’t on the same plot of land. You will have to take a boat to reach the northwest part of the area. If you just dismantled the cabin, there will be two boats nearby. If you just finished throwing the office safe into the water, there is a boat behind the building. Don’t use your escape boat, that immediately ends the mission.

Either way, you will have to navigate your way to the northwest. You may have to take the long way around (i.e., if you are using the boat near the cabins, you must go around the left side), but you shouldn’t take too long in getting there.

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The safe is on the second floor of the warehouse, and you can use the same tactics as you did with the office safe to get it down (removing the bottom to make the safe fall down). Remember that the safe is above a boat on the outside, which means you will have to get out of the warehouse if you want to remove the flooring below the safe.

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The warehouse is surrounded by water, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find a place to push the safe in. Once you are done, take the boat back and use your escape boat to complete the mission.

Now that you know how to get the safes out of their locations and how to dismantle the cabin, completing this mission should be easy to do.