How to complete Moonchase Tales Guide Day 2 – Path of Gentle Breezes in Genshin Impact

Let’s get cooking.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

Cooking is a big part of the Moonchase Festival event in Genshin Impact, and players will need to get their Cooking Mama on with this second day of events. Travelers must talk to the Cloud Retainer as she travels to Mondstadt to begin the quest, which will involve fetching some ingredients and creating the food.

Travelers must make ‘Rice Pudding’ for the Cloud Retainer. Before making the dish, travelers also have to collect some ‘Rice’ located nearby the Cloud Retainer’s location. Once the Cloud Retainer activates the cooking mechanism, you have to follow a set of tracks that will lead you to the location of the ingredients.

Following the tracks will take you to a merchant named Brunn who’s attacked by Hillichurls. Clearing out the Hillichurls will unlock a “Transport Balloon” event, in which you must safely transport a transport balloon along a designated path. Be ready though, you’ll have to clear some obstacles and monsters along the way. Completing this event will get you the ‘Rice’ you need for the Cloud Retainer. Go back to the Cloud Retainer to start cooking.

How to cook in Moonchase Tales

Cooking for the Moonchase Tales event works differently than cooking regularly. Players will have to control the temperatures of three different cooking pots at a time, keeping them at a certain range. You can adjust the temperature by moving a pit of fire between the three pots. Move the pit of fire by pressing buttons on the screen which moves the fire from left to right. Additionally, you can adjust the temperature by heating the pots with Pyro bow characters or cooling the temperature with Cryo or Hydro bow characters.

Complete this task successfully, then talk to the Cloud Retainer again to receive your reward. You’ll gain some Primogems and character materials for your troubles, so be sure to do a thorough job.