How to complete Night and Day in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Find the map.


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Night and Day is the second quest in the A Fated Encounter story arc in the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey crossover story with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. To start it, you must first complete Tossing and Turning, where Eivor and Kassandra meet for the first time. From there, you’ll be given a quest marker and told to meet Kassandra in a nearby town. This guide explains how to complete the quest, so you’re never stuck on the puzzles it contains.

Step 1: Get to Tobhta

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Tobhta is the village where Kassandra told Eivor to meet her after she’s spent some time learning the lay of the land in the Isle of Skye. Once you arrive, Kassandra will reveal that she’s found a clue to the location of the artifact that’s causing everyone nightmares. From here, you need to follow Kassandra to Fairy Glen, a place of great power where the clue to the rest of your journey lies.

Step 2: Solve the standing stones puzzle

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Fairy Glen is an interesting location with standing stones in a spiral. Kassandra and Eivor can see a pattern on the stones, but it doesn’t make sense. You need to solve this puzzle to proceed with the quest. To do this, you need to position Eivor in the right location so that she can see the shape of the Isle of Skye.

There are a few red herrings to throw you off the trail of where to stand to solve Fairy Glen, such as a treehouse towards the back of the location. However, to solve it, you need to head to the small structure nearby, where a woman lies dead on the floor. She’s left a note about being drawn to the stones and needing to see them from a higher point. Smash the boxes around the moveable wall and then pull it out as far as it will go until it’s up against the unbreakable wooden box. Then, stand on it and look at the stones. Eivor will see the pattern and solve the puzzle.

Step 3: Head to the X

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After Eivor and Kassandra discuss the map that Eivor found in the stones, you need to follow Kassandra to the X on the map. This is a cave down on the shore. As you enter, a group of people driven mad by lack of sleep and the artifact will attack, though there seems to be more to it than Kassandra lets on. Kassandra will reveal that you need to find five shards to open the door in this cave, and Eivor decides that she can do it without Kassandra’s help. This will end the quest.