How to Complete One More, With Feeling in Persona 5 Tactica

Persona 5 Tactica has some challenging quests for players, including One More, With Feeling. This guide will walk you through how to tackle this difficult quest.


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Persona 5 Tactica has some tricky quests for players to complete for a chance at extra rewards, including One More, With Feeling. This challenging quest requires you to complete it in a single turn; this guide will walk you through how to do it.

For One More, With Feeling quest, you will need to defeat all the enemies on the map, but the trick is it has to all be in the same turn. This means you must think through each move, including position, order, move use, and movement, to complete the quest.

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P5T: How To Complete One More, With Feeling Quest

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While One More, With Feeling is an easier quest than some of the others you’ll have, it can still be a challenge and one that becomes rather frustrating; trust me, it took me quite a few attempts to find the right way to tackle this quest.

Below, I’ve listed each step needed to complete One More, With Feeling quest and included images for each one so you can see the exact location and positioning used to pull it off. If any move you do not have is mentioned, don’t worry; you can refund Growth Points, so you can adjust your Skill Tree for the mission and then jump in.

I used Yusuke, Makoto, and Erina for One More, With Feeling mission.

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Be Yusuke and go up the ladder, knock the enemy in front of you on the Jumper from the left side down off the ledge, and get a One More.
Use Yusuke’s gun and shoot the enemy below you between platforms for another One More.
Jump over to the other platform and hit the enemy here with melee to knock them off the platform into the enemy below.
Go to the very corner opposite the Jumper on this platform.
Use a Persona Art as Yusuke to kill the enemy between platforms we downed earlier, and this will finish up our time with Yusuke.
Swap to Makoto, climb the ladder, and stand on the Jumper.

You can’t use it yet since the enemy is standing on the other side, so use the Frei Art to pull them across to your platform, getting you a One More and freeing up the Jumper so you can use it.

This should also hit the enemies below you.
Jump across to the opposite platform, and you can now line up Makoto and Yusuke to get the remaining enemies in a Triple Threat and win.