Persona 5 Tactica – Should You Go With Makoto’s or Yusuke’s Group in the Labor Camp

Which of the two groups, “Yusuke and Makoto,” should you help in Persona 5 Tactica during the labor camp infiltration?


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Persona 5 Tactica will have the Phantom Thieves sneaking around new locations and up to their usual antics to save people and free the kingdoms from villains, and on occasion, you get some choices in how you want to approach those situations.

One such instance comes when infiltrating the labor camp in Yoshiki’s kingdom, where you must decide to go with Yusuke or Makoto’s group to get information on some townspeople’s location. But which of the two options should you choose?

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Going With Yusuke’s Group in Persona 5 Tactica

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If you choose to go with Yusuke’s group, it will be you, Yusuke, Ann, and Ryuji, and you will be dealing with the drunken squad members of the camp enjoying their sake.

After getting hounded by some soldiers, Ann takes it upon herself to find the location of the townspeople and surveillance room by (poorly) acting drunk around some soldiers.

Realizing the plan will not likely work, Yusuke drops in to help and asks the guard where they can rest their friend. the guard says they can in the room with the townspeople, which is by “the revolving door in the pillar of the rear entrance gate.” Following that, the guard gets suspicious, and Yusuke takes them out before a brawl breaks out in the area following their treatment of some of the townspeople in front of the group, with Yusuke’s and Makoto’s group distracting the guards for Futaba, Toshiro, and Yuki as they break into the townspeople’s prison.

Going with Makoto’s Group in Persona 5 Tactica

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Makoto’s group consists of you, Makoto, Erina, and Haru, and you will also be dealing with guards and soldiers, only this time you will use some deception.

The girls wearing Geisha outfits act as servers for the soldiers, bringing them sake and, eventually, being asked to provide entertainment. Makoto slowly starts to get angry with their demands and behavior but keeps her cool and forms a plan to get the information you need.

In an earlier cutscene, Makoto mentions that some of the Sake bottles have water inside, and with this knowledge, she challenges a solider to a drinking game, with the loser having to do one thing the winner says. In the end, she wins because she drinks the water and manages to get the guard to tell them the location of the townspeople, which is through “the revolving door in the pillar of the rear entrance gate.” After that, they also notice the townspeople being mistreated by the guards and leap into action.

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Which Is the Better Option: Yusuke’s Group or Makoto’s Group?

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Ultimately, there is no difference between the two choices, Yusuke’s Group and Makoto’s Group, other than flavor and the cutscene that players out, so you can decide which sounds more exciting and go with that. I went with Makoto’s group and found it more entertaining, and also because Makoto is the best character, which I will not change my mind on, so don’t try.