How to Complete Stealing Classified Info in Persona 5 Tactica

Squeeze your entire strategy into a single turn to complete Stealing Classified Info in Persona 5 Tactica.

P5T Classified Info Quest Joker Attack

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As most tactical role-playing games do, Persona 5 Tactica typically restrains your characters’ ability to unleash havoc on their surroundings by taking turns. Though you’d usually get more than just one of them, the Stealing Classified Info quest presents an extra hard challenge.

Stealing Classified Info quest tests your ability to strategize and squeeze every last movement out of your turns. You’re meant to reach the target in only one turn while handling six enemies. To make matters worse, two of the three available characters will be trapped, meaning you need to buff and make the most of your one constraint-free character. In this guide, I’ll show you how to build the best strategy to complete Stealing Classified Info in one turn.

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P5T: How to Complete Stealing Classified Info in 1 Turn

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Casting Sukukaja for extra movement is a must. Whichever character receives this boost will get an extra move. In my playthrough, I decided to give it to Morgana. However, the character we’re aiming to reach the finish line with is Erina, given Joker and Morgana are trapped.

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To complete stealing classified info in Persona 5 Tactica, follow these steps:

Visual ReferenceSteps
Move Erina as far as possible towards the stairs next to the first enemy.
Shoot the enemy to knock them down, and get a One More for extra movement.
Then, move down the stairs and take cover behind the box below.
Then, swap to Joker and melee the two enemies before him, knocking them down the ledge.
The next step is to swap to Morgana to buff Erina’s movement. Then, swap to Erina and shoot the enemies Joker has knocked down. One will be down, and another will be vulnerable to knockdown. Once shot, go as far as you can to the objective.
Now, go back to Joker, who should have a One More from his attack, and use that to attack the enemy below him inside the little area surrounded by boxes. Don’t melee since they will bounce about out of Erina’s range. Instead, use a Special Ability to make them vulnerable.
Now, swap back to Erina again. Use a unique ability on the vulnerable enemy, kill it, and get another One More. Thanks to the movement buff, this should all take you to the end of the stage.